Night Time Zip Lining : Halloween Trail at Blackwater Caste Halloween Zip Lining at Munsters Leading Outdoor Activity Centre

Halloween Fright Night 2013


3 Nights only - Monday 28th – Wednesday 30th October , 6.30pm – 10.30pm daily.

Admission ; Pre-booked online = €15/person, On the Night = €20/person.

Fright Night is back with new and improved scare factor, themes and characters
Experience the fright of your life on this hair-raising, high-wire trek in the dark of night. You will laugh, cry and perhaps even Pee all at the same time!

Travelling in low visibility nervously wind your way around the Castle Estate. The trek involves a number of zip lines, joined by a network of paths and forest trails which are packed with a feast of frights, Devilish beasts, specialist lighting and sound effects along the way, sure to send shivers down your spine and set your hearts racing.

Guaranteed to be unlike any other experience you’ll have had and in the perfect haunted setting of a 12th Century Castle Estate. This event is a safe and exciting Halloween adventure for Adults and teenagers however it would not suitable for children under 10years old. The whole experience will take approximately 1hour to complete.

The availability for this event is limited. To guarantee your place confirm your attendance!


Completely booked out for 2013 -
See you next year!



Frequently asked questions;


Who is this event suitable for?

This event is a safe and exciting Halloween adventure for adults and teenagers. The route will feature several intense scenes that create a realistic experience inc special effects, strobe lights background sounds and sudden scares.  We would not recommend this event for children under 10 years old or for the faint hearted.  All under 16s must be accompanied by an adult. There is a Maximum weight limit of 16 stone for this event which for your safety will be strictly enforced. This event is Not suitable for those with any medical conditions that may affect them during the event, especially: photosensitive epilepsy, any heart problems, breathing problems and muscular, back, neck or joint problems. This event is not recommended for expectant mothers or those who might experience anxiety.


What should participants wear?

Participants should wear clothing and footwear appropriate to the outdoors and weather conditions.. It is mandatory that all participants wear Helmet, Full body harness and lanyard supplied and fitted by our staff members only and for the full duration of the event. Participants are not permitted to smoke whilst wearing the safety equipment.


How long does the event take? 

From registration to being finished will require approx 1hr 20 min. It will take approximately 30-45 minutes on the Castle Estate to go through the route but it is really down to the pace the group moves at.


Is the event first come first served?

There is limited availability each night. On line bookings will be given preference each night, therefore book online to avoid any disappointment. You can turn up on the night and pay at the door, however this will be subject to availability. Note; online bookings close at 5pm the day before. Participants are asked to arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled start time.


How many people are allowed to go at the one time?

Groups of min 4 and max 8 people will be set off every 5min. Smaller groups will be combined with others. All members of the group will remain harnessed together for the duration of the event for their safety.


What rules must be observed?

You will not be permitted to participate in the event if considered to be under the influence of alcohol and/ or drugs. Participants must NOT TOUCH THE PROPS OR ACTORS! If you are caught violating these rules you will be asked to leave the event. We reserve the right to ask any participant to leave the event if that person acts in any way that may endanger themselves or any other person. No refund will be due in this instance. Participants must NOT ALTER OR REMOVE the safety equipment provided.


What if I want to leave half way through?

Participants are undertaking the event by their own choice so they may choose to opt out of part or all of the event by inform a member of staff.  All participants will be required to sign out and back in on your return.


What if I am too scared?

To help people face their fear “Poultry Insurance” can be purchased on the Night for an extra €5. The scare level is reduced for the holder of “Poultry Insurance”, by making the Staff/Characters working back off. All participants holding Poultry Insurancewill be fitted with a specific coloured glow stick to enable our staff members to identify them.


Is there any risk?

You will be travelling in low visibility as you wind your way around the Castle Estate, all participants are asked to proceed at average walking speed, and NOT TO RUN at any stage. There will be staff members in character all along the route for your safety however all participants must understands that there are inherent risks when participating in such an event outdoors and under limited visibility and assumes all risks and dangers associated therein. 


What is the format?

All participants must first go to the Castletownroche Car boot facility near Blackwater Castle. Upon arrival proceed to the registration point in the Marquee with your confirmation email; you will be asked to complete a risk acknowledgement form and wait until your group is called. Groups will be fitted with safety equipment and then transported to/from the Castle estate for the event. The event involves a number of zip lines, joined by a network of paths and forest trails which are packed with Devilish beasts, specialist lighting and sound effects to send shivers down your spine and set your heart racing. The route is marked by a line of glow sticks and directional signs.


Is there a shop?

There will be a snack bar in the registration area serving hot beverages, soft drinks, and chocolate etc. 


“If you go into the woods you will be sure of a big surprise”






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